A Charleston, West Virginia Rooftop Elopement

    One of the first things Sarah and Smith said when we met with them last fall was, “We love black and white photos.”

    “No, really. You could just only give us black and white photos and we’d be thrilled. We don’t care if you give us any photos in color.”

    We were instantly in love with this couple.

    Smith has the most infectiously happy smile of anyone I’ve ever met, let alone photographed. The man oozes joy.

    As you can see, we did end up giving them a few color photos – it was just such a gorgeous day, and we wanted them to be able to remember the blue of the sky and how lovely the sunset was.

    Elopements are one of our very favorite things to shoot. If you’re planning to elope and want to chat, shoot us a message!

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    April 18, 2014



    There is something so completely romantic about elopements!

    These are stunning. So far from “normal” but the picture where he is helping her into her wedding dress…wow. Such a special memory and day for these two! I wish I had focused more on just us, and less on other people on our wedding day.

    that second to last picture is perfect.


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