We aren’t just cat people, you know. We actually really, really love dogs – we just travel so often that it’s hard to justify taking the puppy plunge. So when Kerri & Tim reached out to us about a refresher shoot with their new (INSANELY ADORABLE) mini goldendoodle puppy, we freaked out a little bit.

We shot Kerri and Tim’s wedding way back in 2010. Mother nature didn’t grace them with the best of weather, but that didn’t stop these two from smiling the whole day. We’d been keeping up with their Facebook/Instagram updates about little Mila, so being able to photograph their little family was such a treat.

Mila the mini goldendoodle is so painfully cute that she doesn’t even look real. She looks like a toy. She’s also super well behaved and a little smartypants. She was not only one of the most beautiful dogs we’ve ever worked with, she was also one of the most cooperative.

Here are our favorite photos from the afternoon we spent with Kerri, Tim and Mila the puppy.

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Here’s Emily with a tuckered-out Mila at the end of the night!best wv pet photographers emily porter and mini goldendoodle puppy

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