Alexandra & Eric at the Greenbrier

    January 5, 2014



    This palace looks outstanding. Everyone is so happy on those photos! Great job

    Oh, the statues looking down on them – what an exceptional image in a post full of truly beautiful captures.

    Dear lord, it’s all stunning! The (Brenizer?) shot in front of the garden bed of the couple is so freaking fantastic I can’t stand it.

    The colors here are so vivid, they’re to die for!

    All of these are gorgeous, but I really love the way you capture the details and location!

    Holey mackerel. This is one seriously beautiful wedding. That venue is beyond awesome. Super fun looking couple too.

    This is so stunning. That location is insanity! The detail shots are especially awesome. I’m just so in love with everything you guys put out anymore, daaamn.

    Can you guys be any more awesome? I especially love the indoor portraits towards the end. Great work as always!

    Dudes this just leaps off the screen. So vibrant and full of energy. Amazing work!

    Stunning wedding in a stunning location. I actually lol’d when I saw the groomsmen’s socks, I am so glad that you inject fun like that into the weddings you photograph!!

    Whoa. Just wonderful! Really love all the vibrant hues, the mag-worthy portraits and her stunning lace gown.

    This venue is amazing and these photos are gorgeous. I want to comment (and pin) every single one! Lovelovelove


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