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    Short of those infamous drive-thru wedding chapels in Vegas, is there any easier way to get hitched than at the courthouse? You can avoid the elements, pandemics, your annoying cousin, and say those vows in a courtroom. This Charleston WV courthouse elopement shows us all that weddings don’t have to be big to be special.

    I think we can all agree: eloping is a far better way to spend your day at the courthouse than catching a case. Getting married at the courthouse is about the least stressful way to tie the knot. It also keeps things in perspective– you’re forging a contract with another human, and there’s no better way to represent that than by having an esteemed judge act as officiant.

    How to get married at the courthouse in Charleston WV

    So you’ve decided on a Charleston WV courthouse elopement. The first thing you’ll need to do is hit up the local county clerk. This is how you’re going to get that marriage license you need to have your union recognized by the laws of man. It’s not real without a sheet of paper.

    Both you and your partner will need to provide the following information:

    • Valid identification (driver’s license, passport, other forms of ID)
    • Social Security number
    • Full names of each set of parents

    The current fee for a West Virginia marriage license is $56, so have a check or credit card on hand to pay. If either you or your partner were previously married, the exact date of the divorce or former partner’s death needs to be presented.

    Once you’ve got your license you can proceed to actually getting married at the courthouse. Unfortunately, unless you have connections, you won’t really be able to schedule a time to have a judge officiate your wedding. Most folks will have to spend some time waiting around at the courthouse until an available judge can handle the ceremony.

    That’s about it! This is why courthouse weddings are awesome! You’re in and out, and there’s no reason you can’t throw a nice party with family and friends afterwards! Love should be simple, and a Charleston WV courthouse elopement is simple.

    If you’d like more information about how to elope in WV, whether it be at the Kanawha County courthouse or elsewhere, you can check out our elopement guide.

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    June 15, 2020




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