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What our clients are saying

jencarling review

“These photos are amazing, they’re beyond anything we could have imagined. You captured so much of the love that we felt from everyone there! These are such a gift.


We can’t thank you enough for your incredible view of the world – literally our world. You made us look classy, stunning, beautiful, like movie stars. These photos are truly our most favorite photos of us.


Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us – we knew you were the only folks we wanted to work with when we took this wedding thing on and we’re so glad and grateful for it.


Thank you for making us feel so comfortable on the day – and for asking us to fill out that family formal survey beforehand – it was so helpful and looking at the pictures now, it worked out perfectly, exactly the right amount of family, you can see the joy in the pictures!


Thank you for making us, our wedding, and our families and friends look absolutely spectacular.  – Jen & Carling, July 2016

julieemery review

The Oberports are amazing photographers, fun people, and now they are our friends. They are always super responsive, quick with advice, and calm in a crazy moment.


When my dress zipper broke an hour before the ceremony, Emily was positive and calming and did what she could to help my mom sew over the zipper. That is another thing– they aren’t just photographers, they end up being a second and third pair of hands, confidants, and general bad ass, take-control kinda folks. They will make sure your grandparents are minimally inconvenienced for family photos and somehow are take-control but also very sweet while doing so.


The Oberports are the real deal! – Julie & Emery, October 2015

alexcam review

Bobby & Emily captured the moments in between the big events and made them beautiful- my husband tentatively looking up at the sky wondering if it would rain…. the precious four inches of mud on my dress when the ceremony was through…. a plastic luminary catching fire (& the laughter that followed)…. the flower girl sharing her bag of skittles with the ring bearer while clutching her teddy bear for dear life. Mainly, they gave us the gift of being able to look through our photos again and again and remember how sweet that day was. The details they captured are things that would have otherwise been forgotten after a few years.  -Alexandra & Cameron, May 2013

katelynadam review

It doesn’t get any better than Bobby and Emily. Hands down, they were our greatest investment when it came to our engagement and wedding. We didn’t even realize there were two photographers at our reception, it felt as if two more friends were there. Only difference, these two friends gave us the most beautiful photographs and memories for years to come. They are knowledgable, easy going, experienced, talented, and a BLAST to spend your time! The love, energy, and excitement they captured in our photos could not have been done any better, period. We will continually go back to Bobby and Emily not only for their amazing talent, but because we now consider the two of them friends. If you want your life’s moments captured by the best, go nowhere but to The Oberports! – Kate & Adam, June 2016

amandamark review

There is a special gift that some people have for truly being able to see people as they are and you both have this gift. Thank you so so much. This full set goes above and beyond – you guys really captured the day so organically. The story from beginning to end is so clear and what seems effortlessly told through your lenses.


I’m pretty sure you were able to catch all sides of our personalities and emotions and that is what we love to see. We raise our glasses to you both. The work you do is tremendous. We feel lucky to have had you both there. So lucky. – Amanda & Mark, June 2016

marnijames review

Emily and Bobby are the best team. They are very professional, experts in their field, and wonderful to work with. I am obsessed with The Oberports’ photography! Wow. Our final edited photos are spectacular. In trying to choose my favorites, I ended up with 150+ photos, and in reality, I loved all of them. We chose The Oberports for their photojournalistic style and that’s what we got–what amazing moments they captured! – Marni & James, August 2014

teannajack review

I don’t know if there are enough good things to say about Emily & Bobby.My husband and I got married in a remote town outside of Rome, Italy, and Emily and Bobby were the only photographers we wanted to work with after seeing their portfolio and we were lucky to have them travel across the world to document this unique experience. They are personable, flexible, responsive, and most importantly, a lot of fun to have around. They never pressured us to take shots we didn’t want and found ways to work in challenging situations. Bobby & Emily are true artists. They managed to capture so many intimate moments of not only the two of us, but of our guests and the multitude of details that made our special day what it was. They’re storytellers and visionaries, & it was an honor to have our day documented by these two brilliant photographers. – Teanna & Jack, Italy, October 2012