With its stunning view of Blackwater Canyon, Pendleton Point is a prime spot in West Virginia for elopements and small weddings. The Blackwater Falls area is one of the most gorgeous locations in West Virginia during any season, but we just love the magical feel of the area when it’s blanketed by snow. An added bonus that you get to snuggle more with your person to stay warm, which results in even better photos!

How to get married at Pendleton Point

If you’re just planning to elope at Pendleton Point, Lindy Point or any other location at Blackwater Falls with no or few guests, you’ll probably be fine just showing up and having a quick ceremony. Keep in mind that these are tourist hot spots, so expect to deal with crowds!

Pendleton Point is a great wedding spot from an accessibility standpoint too. The overlook is a short walk away from a nearby parking area, and there are plenty of bathrooms in the park.

If you’re planning on holding larger event such as a Pendleton Point wedding, you should get in touch with the event planners at Blackwater Falls. You can reach them here: https://wvstateparks.com/groups/blackwater-falls/

Pendleton Point is but one fantastic, no fuss location for a wedding in wild and wonderful West Virginia. If you’d like to get some more ideas on potential locations for your WV elopement you can see more on our Elopement Guide page.

Here are some of our favorite images from Nicole and Michael’s snowy Pendleton Point wedding!

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