South Africa 2003

    I’ve been thinking about South Africa a lot lately. I spent almost a month there during the summer of 2003 in between my freshman and sophomore years in college. I was visiting my grandfather who was teaching at a university in Johannesburg through the Fulbright Program. Most of my visit was spent near Johannesburg, but we also drove to Kruger National Park and later took a trip to Cape Town. My memories are very hazy from our time in Cape Town. I had a terrible sinus infection and was either loopy from the cold medicine (which felt a lot more potent than cold medicine back home) or loopy from the fever.

    Digital photography was definitely not what it is now (in other words, I knew this puppy wasn’t going to do South Africa justice), so I took my film camera and dozens of rolls of film with me. Mostly slide film, because for many years I loved slide film almost as much as life itself. I’d saved up almost a thousand dollars scooping ice cream to buy a Nikon Coolscan and I went to town scanning slides for months after the trip. I still have the film in storage somewhere, but for now, all I have are these scans. (Some of which were only scanned in at a 4×6 size, because 19 year old Emily was INCREDIBLY illogical and straight up dumb when it came to file management.. woh wohhh.)

    Airport security was not fond of me and my huge ziplock bags full of film.

    Anyway, here’s a bunch of scans from a decade ago from South Africa.

    kruger national park south african elephant photo by emily porter simons town south africa boats robben island south african birdvictoria and alfred waterfront horn band1 emily porter south africa photos south africa photos by emily porter south africa photos by emily porter penguins at boulders beach south africa wildebeast kruger national park table mountain robben island cape of good hope grandfather on a boat giraffes in south africa robben island jail johannesburg dog long tom pass 019 zebra at kruger victoria and alfred waterfront cape town hyena at kruger robben island 024 025

    table mountain cape town penguins at boulders beach south africa


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    December 12, 2013



    Emily! These are awesome. You were an amazing photographer then and are even better now. Awesome post!

    Holy SHIT Emily! These are amazing. The second and third shots blow me away. This inspires me to look at old photos from my European travels! Those may be on my blog soon. 😉

    Emily, I remember these! I can remember being so astounded by your vision then… and it continues now.

    This is really awesome! South Africa is one of my top 3 obsessions of of places I want to go. That last photo- the penguins on the beach… So cool! Thanks for sharing these! 🙂


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