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    WV Backyard Minimony

    The backyard. Thanks to COVID-19, it’s the hottest wedding venue of 2020 (and possibly beyond)! Just because the pandemic has upended your plans doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with loved ones! A WV backyard minimony keeps things intimate and safe for your loved ones in these trying times.

    Megan and Jon are but one of our many couples who had their plans for a big party dashed by the coronavirus pandemic that continues to disrupt our daily lives. They still wanted to tie the knot this year and have a big party at a later, safer date– and so they chose to have a WV backyard minimony.

    What is a minimony, you say? Well, it’s like a wedding, only without the big reception or a lot of people. Unlike microweddings, minimonies typically place emphasis on the wedding ceremony itself, and the guest list is generally limited to a small number of closest loved ones and family.

    Having a West Virginia backyard wedding ceremony during COVID-19 in WV

    With all of the news of large weddings resulting in the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus, it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for a minimony or elopement.

    • Get a marriage license
      • Obviously you can’t get legally married without one of these. You’ll need to speak to your local county clerk to get a license. They should run you $56. For more info on what you’ll need to get a marriage license in WV go here.
    • Get an officiant
      • You need someone to stand near you (hopefully not too close) and read stuff so you can be married. You can either have a friend or loved one get ordained (super easy!) or you can find one of the many fine officiants in WV to do your minimony. Emily is also ordained and can offer her services if we’ll already be there!
    • Consider a tent rental
      • The more we learn about the coronavirus, the more we realize that indoor events are high risk for transmission. Open air environments like the backyard help to deter the spread of the virus. A small tent from a place like A to Z Party Rental can help protect you and your guests from the elements while still keeping everyone safe.
    • Face masks and hand sanitizer for your guests
      • Favors for your guests are easier than ever right now! Hand sanitizer and masks are very popular for obvious reasons. Spread love, not COVID.

    If you’d like to see our elopement checklist or you’re considering some other locations for your wedding you can hop on over to our elopement page.

    Fore more information on having a wedding during the pandemic you can check out our COVID-19 WV wedding planning guide.

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    September 23, 2020




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