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A happy bride in a white dress and a groom in a bright orange suit laugh with a sea of bubbles with wedding guests celebrating around them on a street at night.
Silhouettes of a couple against a backdrop of trees and sky.

When you work with us, You Won’t Get:

Overly posed portraits and staged moments. If you want to spend your wedding day performing for the camera, we’re probably not the best fit

Inexperienced newbs. Wedding expenses add up quickly, but the peace of mind knowing your memories will be preserved by experts is priceless.

Drab, colorless images. If you want the lush greens and the blues to be sucked out of your photos, you’re in the wrong place.

But boy are you in luck if you’re looking for:

Colorful, magazine-worthy photos that tell the story of your day from the big sweeping moments to the small details, without desaturating your color palette

Seasoned pros comfortable navigating unpredictable weather, different lighting conditions, and sensitive family dynamics  

Stellar customer experience ensures you’ll have our full focus since we’re a full-time dynamic duo determined to make your photo experience as smooth as butter.

A stylish bride and groom stand against an urban backdrop of blue and black with graffiti art.

After the last dance and cake crumbs, all you’ll have left are your wedding photos.   

Amidst a lot of confetti, a bride touches the face of the groom, surrounded by family and friends.

WV Wedding Photographers

A couple dressed in traditional South Asian wedding attire stands hand in hand, with a perfect reflection in the water beneath them, set against a green landscape with a clear blue sky.

As Seen in:

The Oberports high five each other.

Your tag team champs

Hello! We’re Emily & Bobby.

We’re married West Virginia wedding and portrait photographers based in Charleston, WV. Documenting people thoughtfully & artfully is our jam. In our free time we love visiting Cape Cod, going to the grocery store (yes, really), and showering our two cats with affection.

What’s in a name?

how the best WV wedding photographers got their name

Bobby Oberlander + Emily Porter

Y’All Means All

A couple, one partner with a short haircut resting their head on the shoulder of the other, who looks down softly.
Two brides, one in a white suit and the other in an elegant black gown, holding hands and smiling at each other with a soft, misty background.

Everyone’s special milestones are worthy of joyful and creative photos. We feel strongly that discrimination has no place anywhere, and certainly not in the wedding industry. This is a supportive and welcoming space for all religions, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and body sizes. 

Let’s Make Magic:

Working with us is a breeze!

When you choose us to document your big day, we won’t just rock your world with the final photos. You’ll also be thrilled with our commitment to efficiency & making your life easier; almost all of our couples specifically mention how easy we are to work with in their reviews.

Locking in your date is as easy as 1-2-3


and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our availability and pricing.


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on the dotted (electronic) line and pay your first invoice.

A family outdoors with the setting sun casting a warm glow as a man and woman laugh while playfully holding a child upside down.

Portrait sessions

Fun fact: we’re also portrait photographers! We love collaborating with our clients to create unique images that are anything but traditional. We currently offer the following portrait photography services: senior, family, engagement and branding sessions.

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