We both love: cooking & trying new foods, spoiling our two cats, drinking fancy (and not so fancy) beers, listening to records, going on casual hikes in beautiful West Virginia, playing video games, and watching a combination of old movies on Criterion Channel and cooking shows on Food Network. We're basically just a couple of nerds who love consuming & creating art.

    Bobby's Favorite Things

    Beans, beers, cooking, collecting records, world cinema, film noir, westerns, Twin Peaks, King of the Hill, corgis, RPGs, and all of the rap and metals.

    What's in a name?


    The Oberports is a combination of our last names - Bobby OBERlander and Emily PORTer. It started as an affectionate nickname that came about organically shortly after getting married, and now it's also our business name!


    Emily's Favorite Things

    Gardening, keeping house plants alive, baking, Beyonce, Bob’s Burgers, KITTENS, Star Trek, Zelda, sweets, deadlifting, snow days, and all of the rap.


    we are seasoned wedding veterans

    We’ve photographed over 400 weddings together all over wild & wonderful West Virginia as well as in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Massachusetts, and beyond. We've had the honor of having four WV Weddings Magazine cover photos and we've been featured on many renowned wedding blogs.


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