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A romantic silhouette of a couple holding one another, set against a dramatic sky with hues of pink and red clouds.

After endless months of dreaming, it’s honestly kinda rude how fast a wedding day melts away when you’re actually experiencing it firsthand.

We joke that it feels like there’s a blip in the space-time continuum on wedding days: once you’ve got those fancy clothes on, the rest of the day becomes a blur of belly laughs, bear hugs, and booty pops. 

When you spend this much time planning and anticipating a day that moves at lightning speed, the best gift you can give yourself is the one of remembering.

After all, when’s the next time all your favorite people will be in the same room again?

A bride in a white dress with a happy smile dances with a groom in a black velvet tuxedo, enjoying a fun moment at their wedding reception.

What makes us different?

The Photos

A wedding couple stands on an unique staircase, the bride in white and the groom in a white jacket, against a bold green tropical leaf-patterned wallpaper.


weddings are happy 

And we think happy photos should be colorful! The look of our photos is inspired by Emily’s background shooting slide film in the early 2000s. Your rich, vibrant color palette is safe with us. We won’t suck the life out of blue skies and lush green summer trees. Every single photo that gets sent to a client is hand-edited by us.

Real moments as art

intentional + curious

We love experimenting with different ways of telling a story visually; we’re always considering the light, the backgrounds, & the angles. It’s not enough for us to simply capture moments, we want to capture them thoughtfully! Our goal is for you to find new things to love every time you page through your wedding album years later.

you’re hiring a wedding photographer to see the world through their eyes

A man in a black tuxedo and a woman in an asymmetrical white dress stand before an elegant, gold-framed landscape painting, in a room with teal walls and red furniture.
A striking silhouette of a bride, her veil adorned with details, stands in front of a vibrant, blazing fire in a dramatic way.


it’s not about us

There’s no question that portraits are an important part of wedding photos, but your wedding photos should revolve around your wedding day – not the other way around. We won’t pressure you to spend time taking photos you don’t want to take, and all our guidance will be tailored to what matters most to you.


this ain’t our first rodeo

Since 2009, we’ve documented over 500 weddings all over the US and beyond. All of this experience means that weddings don’t stress us out. Navigating sensitive family dynamics isn’t challenging for us. When we’re your wedding photographers, you get the peace of mind that we know what we’re doing and we’ve got your back.

The Experience

A tender black and white photograph shows a bride in a strapless gown holding her mom in a sparkling dress, both with closed eyes and joyful expressions.

The Portfolio

A close-up of a leather wedding album embossed with the names 'Sarah and Casey' in lowercase lettering.
Video of wedding albums.
A bride and groom seated with two Corgis dressed in bow ties, one on each of their laps.

Wedding Packages

All of our wedding packages include: at least 7 hours of wedding day coverage with both Emily & Bobby, hand-edited high resolution photos, a print Wedding Survival Guide magazine full of helpful tips, personalized timeline assistance, and a slideshow featuring the best photos from your day. Some packages include heirloom quality albums, luxe personalized print boxes, and more.

Wedding packages start at three payments of $1200.

Ask us about our different payment plans!

Custom Designed Heirloom Albums

Don’t let your photos live on a computer!

We’re big fans of seeing your beautiful photos in print! We think cuddling up with your person and looking through your wedding album is a hell of a lot more romantic than cuddling up with an iPad or laptop.

Our most popular wedding package includes a custom-designed heirloom wedding album. You’ll pick the photos you want for this album and choose from tons of different cover fabrics/styles!

Locking in your date is as easy as 1-2-3


and we’ll get back to you ASAP with our availability and pricing.


your package directly on our Pricing & Information Page.


on the dotted (electronic) line and pay your first invoice.

And just like that, we’ll officially be your wedding photographers!!

We Love Engagement Sessions!

They’re a great opportunity for you to get cozy in front of our cameras, and a great chance for us to learn more about each other. Bonus: you can hear all of our crappy dad jokes! Basically it’s like a hang out sesh with two friends putting cameras in your faces, thus getting you prepared for our cameras being in your faces on your wedding day. Most of our packages include engagement sessions.

Two smiling partners, one in a striped sweater and the other in a pink and grey plaid shirt, standing close on a rooftop at sunset.
A man and a woman stand on opposite sides of a tall vase, framed by blue and white striped walls, their reflections clear on the floor.
Silhouetted couple sharing a romantic moment on a dock at dusk, with a dramatic light flare and reflection on the water.

Wedding FAQ

We’re heavily inspired by cinema, and we’ve had clients say our photos look like Wes Anderson or Alfred Hitchcock movies, so… that. 😉 But seriously, our style is a blend of fly-on-the-wall style photojournalism, with a healthy dose of creative and experimental imagery. We like to be playful in utilizing our environment to create images unique to you and your day. We love to collaborate with our couples to make images that suit their vibe & personalities, while still delivering photos that are unmistakably our style. But at the end of the day… we really just want you to have a great time while we make cool shit for you!!

To keep things simple, our wedding payments are split evenly into thirds. Most couples spend between $1500-2000 for each of their three payments, & wedding packages begin at three equal payments of $1200. The first payment is due after signing the contract to hold your date on our calendar, the second payment is due a month before your wedding, and the final payment is due a month after the wedding. Note: customized payment plans with autopay are available if you’d prefer smaller, more regular invoices.

First of all, it bums us out that couples have to ask this. Yes, we’re proud to be LGBTQ+ friendly WV wedding photographers. We’ll enthusiastically welcome, support, and celebrate you on your wedding journey. And of course, we’ll happily share referrals with you for other vendors who would love to work with you!

We’re based in Charleston, WV and we travel worldwide. Since 2009 we’ve photographed weddings in more than half of the United States! We’ve even traveled as far as Italy for a wedding. And while many of our weddings each year are in West Virginia, we also regularly find ourselves documenting weddings in Columbus OH, Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and beyond!

We started in 2009, so we’ve been photographing weddings as full-time professionals for 16 years now. We’ve actually lost track of the number of weddings we’ve done, but we know for sure it’s over 500. We really, really love this job!

Wedding days are mostly moment-driven with a splash of guided portraits. This means our approach is essentially two parts ninja, and one part assertively professional, “get shit done” leadership. We prioritize documenting real moments with real emotions, but we’ll also tell you what to do with your hands and direct your families during portrait time! We’ll walk you through a lot of preparation ahead of your big day so that when we show up, we can just do our thing while you enjoy your day.

You see all of those happy people on this site and on our social media? Damn near 100% of them have said some version of this. A huge part of how we approach everything we shoot is preparation: we’re going to get to know you, what you like and don’t like, and then take the best photos that have ever been taken of you. We’ve got this, so just relax, you’re going to do great!

Yes!! PLEASE do yourself a favor and look through full galleries before you hire a wedding photographer. We’re super proud of the consistency of our photo galleries and we’ll always direct you to check out full galleries when you reach out to us. When looking through full galleries, it’s important to see galleries from similar types of venues- if your wedding is downtown, looking at barn weddings won’t help you much. Two other parts of the day you’ll want to look at in a full gallery are: the Family photos (since these are the most common photos that get printed and framed!) and the dancefloor photos.

We always encourage everyone to look at full galleries AND read reviews before hiring their wedding photographers! You can see more of our reviews on Google.


sweet + small

All of the feels, none of the fuss

If the idea of exchanging your intimate vows in front of 150 people makes you wanna barf, then perhaps an elopement is right for you! Elopements cut out all the noise and put the focus squarely on you and your love. 

Our elopement packages range from 90 minutes to 5 hours of continuous coverage. So whether you just need us to document a short ceremony, or you’d like us to go on an outdoor adventure with you, we’ve got you covered. We offer multiple packages to fit the needs of your elopement.

All of our elopement packages include coverage with both Emily & Bobby, hand-edited high resolution photos, planning resources, personalized timeline assistance, and a slideshow featuring the best photos from your day.

Elopement packages in Charleston begin at two payments of $600. Packages for elopements outside of Charleston start at two payments of $1100.

Elopement packages are only available on Mondays through Thursdays, but are sometimes available on a weekend if we’re available and less than 8 weeks out from your date!

Bride laughing during her outdoor wedding ceremony, holding hands with her partner in front of an officiant.


If you’re eloping in Charleston WV, our packages begin at $1200 – perfect if you’re planning a  short & sweet courthouse ceremony. Elopements outside of Charleston WV start at $2200 with no additional travel fees within the state of WV. If you’re eloping outside the state of WV, we can give you a custom quote on travel fees once you’ve reached out to us for more info!

Elopement packages are offered on Mondays through Thursdays. Considering eloping on a weekend date with short notice? Reach out to us, you might be eligible for weekday elopement pricing if we’re available and less than 8 weeks out!

As full-time wedding photographers, weekend dates are basically our only inventory. There’s only so many weekends in a year, so each one of those represents a limited opportunity to do this thing that brings us so much joy and allows us to pay our bills. Weekdays perfect for elopements, especially if you’re considering a location that might be crowded on the weekend!

Yes, we actually shoot everything together! Our process is super collaborative, and we also value the peace of mind knowing that photos from every wedding will be taken on at least two cameras, each with two memory cards. (Backups on backups on backups!)

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