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We’re the most experienced professional wedding photographers working at the University of Charleston. This venue is well known for its front lawn with a gorgeous view of the Kanawha River and State Capitol dome.

Couple silhouetted with the WV capitol dome illuminated behind them.

Wedding Photography at UC

In our years of photographing weddings, UC is one of our most frequented venues. Sometimes we work here so often it seems like we’re on the payroll as the official University of Charleston wedding photographers.

UC is a popular destination for couples in Charleston thanks to its versatility and beautiful view of the golden capitol dome. In fact it’s the most versatile wedding venue in all of Charleston. Couples who choose to hold their wedding here have both indoor and outdoor options for their ceremony and reception.

Many of the weddings we’ve photographed at UC have had their ceremony in the Erma Byrd Gallery which features floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of the State Capitol. Receptions are commonly held in the Riggleman Rotunda. This area also features large windows that exit onto an adjoining patio for indoor/outdoor receptions.

UC is also one of the few Charleston WV outdoor wedding venues. The UC riverbank is one of the most beautiful ceremony locations in town. The mighty Kanawha River, golden Capitol dome and those lush WV mountains looming on the horizon make for a special ceremony site.

Planning a University of Charleston Wedding

Couples looking to get married here should be aware that UC handles many aspects of the wedding in-house. Couples are permitted to hire outside photographers, florists, bakers and planners. However, couples are not allowed to hire outside catering. UC couples and their guests are also not allowed to bring in outside food or beverages.

It’s also worth noting that UC has little in the way of getting ready locations. In the many weddings we’ve shot at this venue we’ve had to photograph brides and grooms getting dressed in bathrooms or classrooms. These aren’t the most interesting locations for photos, so couples may want to make sure they have another getting ready location in mind if the photography is important.

Venue History

The University of Charleston was originally founded in 1888 as the Barboursville Seminary of the Southern Methodist Church. The school moved to downtown Charleston in 1935, but didn’t assume its current name till 1978. The school also has branches in Beckley and Martinsburg.

UC offers more than twenty undergraduate studies programs that run the gamut from traditional accounting and english to interior design and radiological science. The school has been considered one of the best regional colleges in the south by US News and World Report.

UC’s athletic teams are known as the Golden Eagles and participate in 18 Division II sports. Their football and track programs both compete at the University of Charleston Stadium (formerly Laidley Field) located on the east end of the city.

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What do University of Charleston wedding photos look like?

We’ve seen a lot of people tie the knot at UC! With its myriad of options for ceremony and its beautiful views of the capitol, it’s a great spot for your big day. You can browse through our blog posts from weddings we’ve photographed at the University of Charleston below:

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