Tag: outdoor ceremony

    Wedding × July 29, 2016

    A Pharsalia Wedding // Meghan & Staunton

    All week long the forecast called for rain. All day long. Buckets and buckets of rain. Every day we'd check a bunch of different weather apps, and all of them said the same thing - basically, "you're ...

    Elopement × May 13, 2016

    A Snowy Lewisburg, WV Chocolate Festival Elopement

    When Dee reached out to us earlier this year about shooting her elopement, we were instantly on board (because elopements are our jam). But then we read further and learned that this was going to be a...

    Wedding × December 15, 2015

    Benedict Haid Farm Wedding // Elyse & Jacob

    Elyse & Jacob's Benedict Haid Farm wedding day was rainy off and on until the end of the ceremony when a beautiful sunset emerged beneath the clouds.  We loved Elyse's dress and the gorgeous fl...

    Wedding × November 10, 2015

    Adventures on the Gorge Tropical Pool Party Wedding // Shanie + Ian

    We were in for a treat when we arrived for Shanie & Ian's wedding! We'd met with them earlier this year and they told us about their active involvement in animal (namely parrot) rescuing. We figur...

    Elopement × August 17, 2015

    A Canaan Valley Elopement // Erika & Evan

    Erika & Evan were in for a surprise when they drove from New Jersey to Canaan Valley, WV in late April for their elopement -- not only were the trees still naked from the winter, it was also very ...

    Wedding × July 20, 2015

    Camp Muffly West Virginia Wedding // Courtney & Jonny

    If you were to ask us what we loved most about Courtney and Jonny's Camp Muffly wedding, we'd have a hard time coming up with one answer. Courtney's stylish dress, shoes, birdcage veil? Jonny's bow...

    Wedding × May 4, 2015

    Adventures on the Gorge Wedding with Chinese details

    Meet Lane and Cameron. Lane is a West Virginia girl and Cam hails from New Zealand. They met while teaching writing to international students in China. Shortly after they moved from Guangzhou t...

    Wedding × February 24, 2015

    Our 2014 // Weddings

    Last year brought with it an incredible variety of wedding days. An elopement in the wilderness, an elopement in the city. A big ole indian wedding that - we kid you not - ran ahead of schedule. A sma...

    Wedding × January 7, 2015

    A Cathedral Park Wedding in Portland, Oregon // Heather & James

    What a genuine, easy-going wedding this was! Heather was in the visual communications program at Ohio University with Emily, so they spent years in the same multimedia classes. Emily actually photogra...

    Elopement × December 17, 2014

    Charleston WV Elopement // Olamide + Elston

    We love elopements. They're simple, relaxed and the focus is squarely on the couple and their connection. Olamide and Elston were looking for a quiet, intimate affair with their Charleston elopement a...