Long Point Trail Wedding Portraits | New River Gorge

    With its jaw-dropping view of the New River Gorge, Long Point Trail is a picture perfect location for wedding portraits.

    Note that National Park Services does NOT issue permits for elopements or weddings at Long Point Trail.

    Doing Long Point Trail wedding portraits is a great idea if you want to have some of the most quintessentially West Virginian photos. The New River Gorge bridge is one of West Virginia’s greatest treasures and it was really cool to take photos of the couple with it as a backdrop. Long Point Trail is a short hike (~2 miles round trip), so it’s easy to toss your wedding clothes in a backpack and get changed behind a tree.

    If you’re looking for more beautiful spots for your engagement session portraits or elopement on the New River Gorge, check out our elopement guide!

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    November 18, 2014



    LOVELY! I did a couple weddings like this this year, and I LOVED them! Such a neat, personal, intimate, unique concept. I think more couples should do it. 🙂


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