Category: WV Wedding

    Wedding × January 12, 2017

    Confluence Resort Wedding // Jen & Carling

    Jen and Carling are another one of those couples like us who run a business together. We love meeting other business-owning couples because it really takes a special sort of dynamic to make everything...

    Wedding × September 16, 2016

    A Woodland Punk Rock Backyard WV Wedding // Mary Grace + Tony

    Mary Grace and Tony just celebrated their one year anniversary this week, and here we are, just now blogging this beautiful beast of a wedding. We should have shared this set of photos months and mont...

    Wedding × August 31, 2016

    Guyan Golf Country Club Wedding // Ellen + Joel

    Ellen and Joel's Guyan Golf Country Club wedding in February was a fine example of how you don't need snow to have a perfect winter wedding day. These two had smiles on their faces all day long! We lo...

    Wedding × August 19, 2016

    A Charleston, WV Wedding // Faith & Josh

    Faith and Josh got married this spring, and it was such a lovely day!  Our coverage began at the church (Sacred Heart). After the ceremony Faith changed into her reception dress, and their guests sent...

    Wedding × April 22, 2016

    A Greenbrier Resort Wedding // Kimberly & Christopher

    It was chilly and damp at the Greenbrier Resort on this October day last year. Thankfully, Mother Nature calmed down before the end of the ceremony, so we were still able to take plenty of photos outs...

    Wedding × March 30, 2016

    University of Charleston Wedding // Ann + John

    Ann & John got married last fall on a gorgeous autumn day at the University of Charleston in Charleston, WV. There was a lot to love about this wedding - Ann & John were sweet as can be, we *l...

    Canaan Valley × February 15, 2016

    Gena & Steve’s Canaan Valley Wedding + Dolly Sods Portraits

    Gena & Steve. Where do we begin? These two have a sweet, quiet presence about them. They are comfortable in silence, even with two photographers hovering over them with cameras. They love hiking a...

    Wedding × December 15, 2015

    Benedict Haid Farm Wedding // Elyse & Jacob

    Elyse & Jacob's Benedict Haid Farm wedding day was rainy off and on until the end of the ceremony when a beautiful sunset emerged beneath the clouds.  We loved Elyse's dress and the gorgeous fl...

    Wedding × November 10, 2015

    Adventures on the Gorge Tropical Pool Party Wedding // Shanie + Ian

    We were in for a treat when we arrived for Shanie & Ian's wedding! We'd met with them earlier this year and they told us about their active involvement in animal (namely parrot) rescuing. We figur...

    Wedding × July 20, 2015

    Camp Muffly West Virginia Wedding // Courtney & Jonny

    If you were to ask us what we loved most about Courtney and Jonny's Camp Muffly wedding, we'd have a hard time coming up with one answer. Courtney's stylish dress, shoes, birdcage veil? Jonny's bow...