Ways to Display and Store Your Favorite Photo Prints

    So you’ve got a gallery full of images staring you in the face. You’re a good person so you don’t want to let those images die on a hard drive or USB. I know you didn’t just pay a bunch of money to have photos made solely for the purpose of posting them on social media either. No, you need to display these images with great love and care on your walls, tables, mantles, armoires, dressers, and anywhere else inspiration may strike.

    If you’re anything like us, being presented with so many photos may bring about the dreaded DECISION PARALYSIS *cue dramatic music*. So how do you decide what gets put on the wall, what gets put into a photo album and what gets uploaded to Facebook for your aunt Carol to comment on?

    Rest easy, because we’re about to tell you what photos to print and where to put those photos with lots of great options for displaying and storing your favorite prints!


    So obviously the simplest way to display your prints is to stick them in a frame. But there’s a looooot of frames out there. A visit to a store like Michaels to shop for frames can cause time to fold inward onto itself, make you question the nature of existence, and forget why you went there in the first place. It’s so much easier to sit on your buns at home and let us show you some cool frames to display your precious memories in, wouldn’t you agree?

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked art, so here’s these Umbra Prisma matte brass photo frames so you can put your art inside some art. These would be great for prints of creative portraits or interesting detail shots.

    For displaying a series of images from a wedding or family session this Gallery 5-photo finial hanging frame set is a classy, minimal choice.

    Here’s a clean brass metal matte photo frame that will gloriously display your favorite portrait without attempting to steal any of its shine.

    Another great option for showing off a sequence of images from a wedding or a family shoot is this Americanflat 11×14 collage frame that displays 5 4×6 images.

    If you would like to watch your photos levitate in frame, these cool wedge floating photo frames for 4×6 prints are perfect. They come in a variety of colors too!

    We can’t get enough of floating photos, so here are some floating hanging frames featuring brushed steel and gold hardware. These are for 8×10 and larger photos, so these are the home for your absolute favorite photo! They really… float our boat. *ducks tomatoes*

    These wooden magnetic poster hangers come in 12 sizes and would serve well to show off some fine art prints or any other portrait-oriented images. They even come in a variety of stains!


    What is life but time spent inside a series of boxes? Your house is basically a big box that you live in. Your car? That’s just a box with wheels. So naturally photos of important life milestones such as your wedding or a new kiddo are perfectly at home in a box. Cats love boxes, children love boxes, we love boxes. Here are some boxes in which to stash your memories.

    Here’s a 4×6 photo frame and box set. You get 70 photo frames along with the box in case you just love some of those prints too much to confine to a box.

    This nice linen photo box comes in 4×6 and 5×7 varieties. The seller also offers custom imprinting for personalization. This could be a cool way to gift a family member some photos for the holidays!

    If you like big boxes and you cannot lie, then this KOLO Havana photo box might be perfect for you! Not only can you put a lot of photos in this thing, but it will also fit some of the albums that KOLO offers.


    Ah, the classic photo album. Your parents probably have a lot of these tucked away in a drawer for easy access when nostalgia strikes. They make a great place to store images like those beloved formal family photos and photos you love, but not quite enough to hang on a wall.

    Photo albums are a perfect for showing your future children and grandchildren treasured family photos so they can then repay you by making fun of your terrible fashion. But that’s okay, because you can weaponize your photo album by breaking them out to show their teenage friends embarrassing baby photos. Everyone wins!

    Look at these cute lil’ 4×6 photo albums! They hold 100 prints, come in a variety of colors and are made with a sturdy hardcover in case you accidentally spike them on the floor or your dog uses it as a chew toy.

    Here’s a neat Spring 4×6 photo album that holds 100 photos and features 50 pages of memo paper. This could be a great option for people who want to chronicle the growth of their little ones through photos and notes.

    For the rugged individual who smells of rich mahogany: here’s a stylish leather photo album with black paper perfect for scrapbooking and pasting photos.

    This KOLO Hudson album is very nice heirloom-quality book that holds 300 images. Seems like a good place to put a lot of your favorite wedding photos!


    So what have we learned today? Whether you’re a client of ours or not, it’s important to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Don’t leave your photos on a hard drive or stashed online where they can be deleted on a whim by an internet conglomerate. Printing your photos is the best way to ensure they last for generations.

    If you’re reading this… it’s not too late. Go print those images and get them in a frame, an album, a box, somewhere they can be seen! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

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    November 20, 2019




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